“Today I found a good place to buy flowers for your wedding. Calfolia -- in Ville St-Laurent. Thank you to Niki who was patient, with good advice. I bought all my flowers there as well as vases. Now you have 50% Sale, in store. I bought flowers for my centerpieces, with their advice.I  just bought artificial flowers, which are very good quality and even go in the water, so it's hard to know that they are not natural.”

“I went Cafolia in Montreal! Wow! The variety of artificial flowers is incredible! Yes, it is probably more expensive than Walt Mart, but you'll have real-looking flowers. Currently there are many specials. I paid 50% less! The staff is really nice, she showed me what I wanted, and she showed me all ranges of quality and prices!”

“I could not decide between natural and artificial. I actually prefer artificial but I was afraid that it would look wrong! I tried florists but they could not offer me what I wanted. Then, I tried the artificial flower shops. I first went to "Véronneau" but did not find what I wanted -- and frankly, was discouraged by the price: $$$$$. Finally I went to "Calfolia" ... The choice is WOW amazing ... and they look just like real flowers, and even the touch, and also the price: $ INEXPENSIVE! You'll love the place. I come all the way from St-Colomban, and I went to "Calolia" 2 times just this weekend! I decided to make bouquets for my mother and grandmother, since it is they who lead the way and especially because it's cheap and because of my budget! I was served by Nancy, who was adorable, generous, attentive and listening. It was precious and good advice.”