Silk Flowers


Silk Flowers

You will be impressed by the quality of Calfolia's flowers.   Hand made, they come from all around the world so we can offer you the widest selection of varieties, colors and styles in the world.  We offer a broad range of materials that allows us to cater to all situations.


For weddings and special events, try our true-touch flowers.  They look perfectly real to the eye and touch, and are so soft they will impress you.  You will love them at your event, and enjoy the additional benefit of keeping them looking their best, never wilting, for many years afterwards.  No care required aside from the occasional dusting!


For outdoors use, trust Calfolia to provide you with more robust and hardiest materials.  These flowers will need to whitstand the sun, wind and rain over the long term, and we can provide you with the best flowers for this use.


We can also help you with flowers in materials and qualities for all other occasions and needs:  household decoration, commercial projects, large-scale locations such as malls and resorts...  Calfolia does it all.


Contact us to find out about the latest available styles!