semi natural trees

Hybrids & Preserved

Since the infancy of the "silk plant" industry, Calfolia has been working to bring art and nature together, creating for you the world's finest line of hand made botanical reproductions.


Beginning in the 1970s, Calfolia pioneered the use of fabric foliage on natural wood, and has since advanced this technique to a level yet unprecedented in our field. Our artisans use materials from around the globe to interpret nature and give you lasting botanical beauty custom designed and unique in the world.


Our life-like plants are artistic botanical reproductions; each of them is unique!

Hybrid Reproductions

What types of hybrid plants can I get?

Since our reproductions start their journey as live plants, Calfolia has a harvesting and import division ready to supply your required materials.


From Aloe to Birch to Mosses to Yucca, we maintain a wide array of items for companies in the tree building, decoration and decorative arts industries.


Our reproductions come in various sizes ranging from Bonsais to 30 foot trees.

We harvest your goods to specification to meet your exact needs.

Preserved plants

For architects, interior designers, decorators, and landscaping professionals, Calfolia's preserved plants and trees are the natural choice, as they allow real plants that could never live indoors, to be used indoors as much as desired.


These plants and trees require

  • no watering,

  • no light,

  • virtually no care,

yet they will remain as natural as the great outdoors.

How exactly are these plants prepared?

Via a unique process, plants and live trees are gently separated from their roots, then dipped in a preservative solution. The result is a sort of "suspended animation". Plants retain their natural beauty, color and texture. They will not grow, withers or shrivel as they stay 100% natural and healthy, always!



Why are preserved plants your natural choice?

  1. They are real plants and they appear identical to living species. The process permanently maintains the natural look, texture, and even fragrance of these real plants.

  2. They are ideal even for the lowest-light locations. Expand your design palate!

  3. There is nothing toxic about the preservation process, and the plants never need spraying or treatment for pests or disease.

  4. They require virtually no care. Only an occasional dusting is required to keep the plants beautiful.

  5. They are priced comparably to living or fine quality silk plants and trees. Yet the savings in horticultural attention over live plants means that Calfolia's preserved plants will have a much longer "life".