Why should I choose artificial plants for my home, business or or commercial property?
  1. They look just like the real thing!  For specific events, they can look even better than natural flowers.  With live flowers, even the best florist can't guarantee the day they will open, how they will look, or how long they will last.

  2. They look great... permanently!  The preservation process maintains the natural look, texture, and even fragrance.

  3. They are ideal even for the lowest-light locations.

  4. They require virtually no care. They never need watering, trimming, spraying, treatment for pests or disease. Only an occasional dusting is required to keep the plants beautiful.

  5. Their price may be a bit higher than living plants and trees on purchase.  Yet the savings in horticultural attention and their long lives get a lot more bang for your buck!



How far in advance should I contact you for my project?

Obviously, the more complex projects take more time for us to source and put together. We recommend that you reach out to us:

  • 1 month in advance for flowers for a social event

  • 3-5 months in advance for flowers for a small wedding (less than 100 guests)

  • 6-8 months in advance for flowers for a large wedding (more than 100 guests)

  • 6-8 months for a small commercial project (restaurant, office, etc)

  • 8-12 months in advance for a large commercial project (mall, theme park, etc)


If you are looking for plants and flowers to use at home, seasonal decorations, outdoors greenery, or simply to complete a more complex project, just come see what we have in stock!


Our store is open by appointment only



What should I bring for a wedding consultation?

Calfolia's floral consultants are prepared to offer you creative suggestions.  However, the more information you can provide us, the better we will be able to help you. Most helpful are:

  • A photo of your dress and/or a sample of the fabric or lace

  • A photo of the bridesmaids dresses or a sample of the fabric

  • The style of the wedding and chosen color themes



I have a project in mind, but I don't know where to start.  What do you recommend?

We recommend you reach out to us!  Our floral consultants have been hard at work for years, making our clients' projects come true.  With our staff's experience, eye for the product and love of the work, we promise you won't go home disappointed.