Weddings with Calfolia

Look your best with the most beautiful silk plants and flowers in the world

Why choose Calfolia for your wedding?

Unbelievable Quality

Our flowers look and feel just like the real thing.


With Calfolia, you get the best permanent botanicals in the world!

Professional Service

Your highly trained Calfolia floral consultant will assist you to...

  • Match your dress style

  • Fit your bouquet to proportion and color palette

  • Decorate for the room you are in

  • Arrive on budget and on time

Huge Selection

More flowers than you will ever need!

Amazing Value

Spend less, celebrate more!

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“I originally wanted fresh flowers but when I saw‘Calfolia’ flowers at a bridal show and saw the qualityof their product, I knew I had made the right choice”

Linda, Montreal

“Thank you to the gal (Calfolia Floral Consultant) who was patient with good advice! I bought all my flowers there as well as my vases.”

Melissa, New York

“I went to Calfolia because I had read good reviews, but no review did justice to the real matter! The Floral Decor Consultant was extremely helpful and understood what I needed; my budget was respected and I got better flowers than what I could’ve possibly asked for! Huge inventory and selection. I’m definitely shopping there again and encourage anyone who wants artificial flowers to get a Calfolia consultant to work with, there is nothing they can’t do or make!”

Valerie, Ottawa